Data Science Lab

Kick-ass analytics

Heir to the throne

Temporal dynamics data analysis

If content is king, then context is our heir to the throne!
User profiles are dynamic, constantly updating as preferences and lifestyle behaviors change. By pairing thousands of data points through classification, language intelligence, artificial intelligence, behaviors and preferences, we can parse, analyze and extract semantic metadata from your content.

Deliver what’s relevant

Mobile messaging & user impact analysis

People are always on the move, creating vast amounts of location data. By pairing location profiles with behaviors and user preferences, we can target hyper-local users with hyper-relevant information. Location based targeting creates a radically new opportunity to deeply engage users with greater context and relevance that any other medium.

Build relationships

Data sourcing & system architecture

High performance machine learning stack designed from the ground up for accuracy, speed and robustness. With conversation, document conversion, language translation in 55 languages, natural language classifier, personality insights, relationship extraction, retrieve and rank and speech, text to speech, tone analyzer and visual recognition we are able to create bots, robots and virtual agents using natural language understanding.

How can analytics can help your business?